A note regarding those “health insurance” comments on our comment board:

First of all, don’t open them. Flag them so that our staff can remove them.
These “comments” are malware. I’m sure our commenters have seen many more like it. It informs you that you can save money on health insurance if you click on a link in the email. We have heard complaints that these links launch a malware program that will track your activities and cause damage to your computer.
We have tracked these posts to a company in India that hires people to post thousands of these links on US-based Websites every day. We ban these posters when we find them, however because they are hand-posted by many people, it’s easy for these posters to get around the Disqus security system. Typically they are posted very early in the morning, around 4 a.m. our time.
The only way for us to guarantee that these posts will not appear on this site is to prevent links from being posted in comments. That means that when our commenters post links to resources or back-up materials, their posts will be banned too. I am hesitant to do that, however we will do it if these posts cause problems for our readers.

John Macone, editor

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    If only these charlatans knew the havoc they are creating, and if only they are sensitive to the feelings of others, I'm sure this blogosphere is an enjoyable experience.

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    I used to Open my site for comment, after a week there are a lot of spam coming from Chinese and India then I closed it. But if I closed comment, how my guest will communicate to together.

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    Can you please do a story on why does Triton R. High School go from 7:42-2:13 and Newburyport High goes from 7:25 to 2:25?  I would really like to know

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  • T Okeefe

    when are doctors going to be held accountable for prescribing narcotic pain medication.  these doctors are profiting from destroying peoples lives and in some cases death. i worked in a rehab and two doctors names in the area keep popping up, they keep prescribing deadly combinations of opiates,benzo’s and psychological meds to patients with a past history of drug addiction. this is crazy. the lucky one’s who get to me are detoxed from this medical murder for profit. the un-luckey one’s DIE. their deaths are swept under the table and blamed on other causes. doctors covering other doctors. this has got to stop.

  • T Okeeke

    i have been on a roll about healthcare, all because what i see and have experienced is horrific and shameful. my next problem has to do with psychological health, in this area there is a psychological center where the nuts are running the nuthouse, for example they have a nurse practicioneer prescribing medication, this nurse is transgendered, this was a man who had a complete sex change, i’m sorry but is considered a mental illness in any medical journal ive read. would you have a schizophrenic prescribe psychological and other medications, also in the nurses office is a huge AA banner, which encompasses the entire wall, the nurse is an AA fanatic, but still she prescribes addictive medications, i’m sorry but this is hippocritical to say the least. commen sense tells me: addicts addicted to medication, should not be pharmacists,pedofiles should not work around children and people with mental illness should not be prescribing and counciling other people with mental illness. also take into account the AA factor, this person is prescribing powerful addictive DRUGS, where AA preaches complete abstinense. this thinking in of itself is CRAZY…..

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