As of today (Tuesday, Jan. 12) I have changed the Disqus comment format to a mode called “Narcissus,” which should eliminate some of the glitches with Disqus and make the comments more readable.

Commenters, please let me know what you think.

– John

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    A few quick comments -
    1) I have recently had problems with the display of advertisements (below the small “Rpint Advertisement banner) flashing advertisements every .5 seconds making impossible to use the “recent” or “people” or “popular” comment navigation box. I use Mozilla and will contact Disqus if you think this problem is unique to me.
    2) Wanted to comment on the Journalism Balanced comment (it is closed to further comment) – I value my being anonymous. I also am careful not to poke those who are not anonymous out of fear for their personal safety. I would suggest that you provide some guidance for posters on being anonymous with their posts as the Daily News cannot be responsible. Also, it would be helpful to be able to find and read your posting policies.
    3) Another Journalism Balanced comment – the advertisements are biased on your Opinion page – the picture of Obama with a dressed as a doctor is outright offensive and creates a tone of angst for commentators to feed off of – I do not want to tell you how to make money – but let's not pretend that it is mystery as to why comments get nasty so quickly when your advertisers are baiting people.
    4) I don't know why, with healthcare being so popular a discussion topic, there was only one board “Tierney must vote no on health bill” open for comments – over the past 24 hours (as the house was voting)
    5) I would like to publicly apologize for my past indiscretions and seek to not force you to remove my comments – I am not always sure what policy I have violated – and I would like some way of your emailing with me with an explanation – but I understand that this can me time consuming…..
    6) Facebook should not replace Disqus, however there should be an easy want to connect the 2 applications. Facebook is social networking – Disqus is designed for opinions – monitoring of opinions is required as neither is really anonymous.

    Thank you for you time – and keep up the good work herding us cats…… River101

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    I’m curious as to why, when I click on the BLOG section there are only two things in there: ‘weather’ and ‘sports’, why is that? 

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    I have recently been blocked by my local newspaper’s comment section for simply expressing myself and using the acronym wtf…As well the term “first amendment”.  Is the LET practicing censorship and why?

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