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Changes in “story comment” policy

We use a service called “Disqus” to host reader comments on our Website.  Disqus occasionally changes features, usually adding something that improves the service. However, recently Disqus made a major change in its posting policy that has left many of our posters in the lurch. Comments made by first-time posters are no longer automatically posted, [...]

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Garden, fishing bloggers sought

We’ve begun adding some “community blogs” to our site. We’re focusing on blogs that are on the lighter side — sports, leisure, hobbies. With spring finally here, we’d like to tap into two popular pasttimes in greater Newburyport — gardening and fishing. If there’s anone who would be interested in writing about one of these [...]

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More blogs coming

A note to our readers: We’ll be adding more local blogs soon to our site. In the coming days we’ll be adding content that has a high quotient of fun/hobby/socializing.

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